Kangarilla Primary School

Student Voice

The Student Representative Council (SRC) at our school consists of an executive group of our Year 7 students. This group of students seeks opinions and consults with younger students as the need arises. The executive is usually made up of two chair-people, two vice chair-people, a secretary and a treasurer; however this changes from year to year according to the availability and suitability of our students.

The SRC is an important and very active part of our school community. Their activities include fundraising for the school, as well as for their chosen charities, such as the Fight Cancer Foundation and the RSPCA. They work closely with the governing council to share and develop school improvement ideas and support whole school initiatives. They also organise school events such as film nights and discos, where their roles include planning and advertising, purchasing refreshments for the event, selling refreshments, organising and running games, and handling the finances.

The S.R.C. is the face of our school at events which involve the wider community, such as Sports Day and Special Person’s Day, by leading school tours, public speaking and supporting our younger students in their roles. Some of the school projects our SRC has assisted to fund include the purchase of a sound system for our school band, improvements to our toilet block and purchasing play equipment. They have also been fundamental in the establishment of our butterfly garden and nesting boxes.

Our S.R.C. receive training in their roles, including how to run and participate in formal committee meetings as well as leadership training. The chair-people of the SRC are provided with opportunities to deliver speeches to the school community and at times to the larger Kangarilla Community. These roles are seen as prestigious and the chosen leaders act as mentors for the younger students. While the staff support the SRC in their endeavours, the SRC work relatively independently to set and achieve their goals for our school.

We have been very proud of the manner in which all of our S.R.C. groups have represented themselves, their families and the school and we look forward to this continuing in the future.