Kangarilla Primary School

Parent Voice

Governing Council

Kangarilla Primary School Governing Council is made up of parents who volunteer their time and are elected by the school community at our Annual General Meeting.

The Principal and one staff member are also part of the Governing Council.

Kangarilla Primary School Governing Council recognises that the best educational outcomes are achieved when there is a strong and active partnership between home and school. Our Governing Council is well represented by our parents with over a third of the families of our school having a parent representative on the council.

As a Governing Council we are responsible for determining the overall vision and direction of the school.

Kangarilla Primary School Governing Council works in collaboration with the principal, staff and students to support the teachers in achieving the best educational outcomes for our children.

Our Governing Council is also directly responsible for the administration of our OSHC program.

A number of sub-committees are established to support the work of Governing Council they include:

These committees are responsible to the Governing Council and have a direct role in the development, implementation and administration of key policies. A member of the Governing Council convenes these committees and other members of the school community are welcome to join any of these sub-committees.

Working on a sub-committee is a good way of getting involved in school decision making without necessarily being on the Governing Council.

Our Governing Council welcomes the input of both parents and the students and by working together with the principal, staff and students we are achieving the best educational environment for our children.