Kangarilla Primary School


Small Classes

2021 - This year we are running 3 classes.

The Junior Primary class (R/1/2/3) with 16 students is taught by Mrs Vanessa Murray on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday while Mrs Kristie Bunting teaches on Thursday and Friday.

The Middle Primary class (3/4) is taught full time by Mr Jose Gomez and has 11 students.

The Upper Primary unit is taught by Mrs Kathy Zilm and Mrs Donna Lean. It has 22 students.

Specialist Programs


Art is offered across the school and is capably delivered by an SSO Yvonne Wright in conjunction with the class teacher. Yvonne has a wealth of Art experience and skill. The students use a variety of media in the production of their art work.


Every second year many of our students participate in a camp of some kind. Locations, duration of stay and the focus of these camps vary from year to year as we try to make the camp experience enhance the curriculum. It is best to ask individual teachers at the beginning of the year as to their class plans for camp.

Environmental Programs

The students have worked with school and community volunteers to develop a Butterfly Garden, construct, paint and site nesting boxes for mammals and birds. We keep chickens on site and food scraps are fed to them, eggs are collected and sold to the community. A creek meanders through the school and students are encouraged to conduct creek studies. Parent volunteers work with students to plant and maintain our school vegetable gardens and to deliver cooking classes for our students.


Our school is very fortunate to be able to offer a variety of musical opportunities for our students. Classes have a 50 min lesson with a specialised teacher each week. Students can learn piano, guitar, singing or drums through our private instrumental teachers. Music is widely celebrated at our school, with students performing at assemblies and special events such as Open Day, and school concerts.

Physical Education

P.E. is seen as an important part of our school program and students have regular P.E. and Health lessons as well as fitness sessions each week.

During Term 1 Reception to Year 4 students participate in a week long swimming program at the Noarlunga Leisure Centre while Year 5 students attend a swimming program at Port Noarlunga and Years 6 and 7 take part in an Aquatics program at the Port Noarlunga Aquatics Centre.

Students are also encouraged to apply for, and participate in, a range of SAPSASA Sports, which involves competition with a range of other schools and districts.

A range of coaching clinics are also conducted at the school each year. Which sports organise coaching clinics is largely dependent upon availability of coaches, however we endeavour to have one coaching clinic per term that all children participate in.


Our school has desktop computers in each classroom with laptops and iPads for student use. Each class has a large television screen.

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