Kangarilla Primary School

Welcome to Kangarilla Primary School

I would like to welcome you and your family to the Kangarilla Primary School community.

I am sure that your child will quickly become a member of our school community and that he/she will enjoy learning in our happy, caring and stimulating learning environment.

At Kangarilla we value the fact that, as a parent, you know a great deal about your child. You have observed closely the way in which he/she has developed and no doubt noticed how he/she learns. We will be interested to learn about your child from you in order to develop the best possible learning plan to suit your child's needs. We will continue to work with you to foster and develop our partnership.

Please feel welcome to visit us at any time to discuss your child's progress. There will also be formal occasions during the year when specific times are set aside for progress reports or for you to take part in "school life". We encourage all members of our school community to take part in a range of extra curricula activities. We hope that you will enjoy joining in these activities.

If you would like to arrange a time to visit us and observe our effective, happy, caring learning environment and our fantastic school grounds you are more than welcome to make an appointment at any time.

On behalf of our school community I look forward to seeing you at Kangarilla Primary School.

Mike Adams,